Sas Services

Fire Protection Systems

SAS is an official representative and distributor of several major manufacturers.Factory-trained and highly experienced, our engineers are qualified to implement all types of fire protection projects

Building Management & Automation Systems

SAS Systems Engineering is a pioneer in the fields of building management and automation systems.
Our highly experienced engineers are qualified to handle the entire spectrum of building management systems (BMS), DDC modules, and HVAC controls.
SAS BMS are computer-based systems that help manage, control and monitor building technical services (HVAC, lighting etc.) and the energy consumption of devices used by the building. They provide the information and the tools that building managers need both to understand the energy usage of their buildings and to control and improve their buildings’ energy performance. We also offer an extensive line of electric- and energy-billing systems.

Security Systems

SAS Systems Engineering is among the Middle East’s top providers of security systems.
Featuring components and systems from leading manufacturers, our custom-designed and fully integrated security systems encompass surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection, using Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) and motion detection, based variously on microwave, vibration, and infrared-sensor technologies.
Our security products and services include:
  • Access control — personnel and vehicles
  • Intrusion detection Computerized monitoring
  • Motion detection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV)
  • Burglar-alarm systems
  • Control centers (CMCCS)
  • Metal and explosive detection
  • X-Ray scanners
  • Under-vehicle inspection systems
  • Automatic car-plate-recognition systems

Communications Systems

SAS Systems Engineering is a major provider of integrated communication solutions.

Our communication products include:

  • Audiovisual (AV) systems
  • Multimedia presentation systems
  • Video walls and rear projections
  • Home theater systems
  • Public-address systems
  • Conference systems
  • Simultaneous-interpretation systems
  • Intercom systems Stage components such as lighting, curtains, mobile walls, and lecterns
We design, engineer, and install integrated AV systems for conference halls, meeting rooms, television stations, and recording studios; public-address systems for mosques, airports, and other public sites; and turnkey simultaneous-interpretation systems for auditoriums and conference halls.

Maintenance and Warranty

Our global reputation rests on our total commitment to providing our clients with trouble-free products and services as well as comprehensive after-sales support, including full maintenance and warranty backup. The factory-trained personnel of our Operations and Maintenance Department are always ready to respond to any client inquiry or request.