Reception Honoring The Fire Team And Mr. Imad Rassas



February 19, 2015

Reception Honoring The Fire Team And Mr. Imad Rassas

On February 19, 2015, a reception was held at our Jeddah headquarters to honor the SAS Fire Protection Department and to bid a fond farewell to Mr. Imad Rassas, Head of our Automation Department.
Our Fire Team has been selected as the 2014 SAS Team of the Year in recognition of its outstanding work quality, high level of innovation, and expert fulfillment of numerous prestigious projects.
As he welcomed the attendees, Mr. Hovig Kurkjian, General Manager of SAS Systems Engineering, said, “It is, first and foremost, the internal cohesion of our Fire Team that enables it to plan ahead and strategize, come up with expert solutions to day-to-day work challenges, manage things seamlessly, and deliver to the full satisfaction of our contractors and clients. Such attributes are what make for a great reputation, and it comes as no surprise that our Fire Protection Department was awarded several, high-profile contracts in 2014.
“I therefore proudly present our Fire Team with this plaque, which reads: ‘It is a distinct pleasure to recognize the SAS Systems Engineering Fire Protection Department as our 2014 Team of the Year. With its uncompromising dedication to work quality, service, technological innovation, and project safety, our Fire Team has once again surpassed itself.’ Congratulations!”
Accepting the plaque was Mr. Nadeem Shamsi, Head of the SAS Fire Protection Department. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the company for selecting the Fire Protection Department Team as the 2014 Team of Year,” he stated. “I would like to thank our General Manager, Mr. Hovig Kurkjian, for starting the Team of the Year tradition within SAS, but specially for serving as a solid backbone to both the company and to each and every department within it.”
Mr. Shamsi continued, “A very special Thank You to my team, whom I consider my family, for its dedication and hard work throughout this and years past.”
Mr. Kurkjian also had high praise for Mr. Imad Rassas, who is taking leave from SAS after serving as the Head of the company’s Automation Department. Mr. Rassas has been with the Company for the past eight years.
Mr. Kurkjian said, “It is no secret that through the efforts of Imad and his team, SAS has been acknowledged as a pioneer in the fields of building automation and energy-management systems, recognized globally for its expertise in ultra-efficient Green Buildings. Therefore we thought an appropriate parting gift for him would be an ever-green bonsai.
“Bonsais are well-known for their intertwined roots that go deep into the soil. Please take a look at the roots of this tree and you will understand why we chose it as a going-away gift for Imad. It is to remind him that wherever he goes, his roots will stay intertwined with SAS. Good luck, Imad, and don’t forget your roots.”
After being presented with his parting gift, Mr. Rassas said, “Mr. Kurkjian, it has been an honor to have worked with you and served our company for the past eight years. I would like to convey my gratitude and appreciation to all of you, and particularly our wonderful Automation Team. With its collaborative spirit and uncompromising dedication to workmanship and customer service, this team has again and again turned our work into genuine pleasure. I will miss every one of you, and will always carry with me the memories of this great family we call SAS.”

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