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Saudi Aramco Pipeline Corridor Fence Protection


Thanks to the unremitting trust placed in us by one of our most valued clients, Saudi Aramco, SAS was contracted to protect the new pipeline project of the world’s leading crude oil and gas production company. Saudi Aramco is implementing a diverse portfolio of innovative and pioneering technologies to transport hydrocarbons through these pipelines from off-shore sites to the main facility in Dhahran area. Since they are running a long distance above ground to their final destination, these pipelines poses a high risk of vulnerability. In March 2016, Our Security team successfully supplied and installed fiber optics based fence detection systems with cutting-edge technology features, which were interfaced to long range Electro Optical Detectors (EOD). These EOD has the capability to detect intruders from a distance of five kilometers in zero visibility. In case of any intrusion alarm, the long range camera will automatically move to the “Alarm” zone and will lock-on to the target in tracking mode till it is out of the pre-defined limits. In June 2016, SAS won another material order from Saudi Aramco to supply more than 200+ High temperature ruggedized encoders. Our qualified engineers delivered the material in record time and supported Aramco’s Team with all technical documents and necessities for system integration into their existing security management network.

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