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Rabigh Power Plant 2


2015 was the year when our Fire Protection Department achieved a major milestone and successfully completed one of its largest projects: The Rabigh Power Plant 2. Owned by our valued client Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), this plant has a nominal output of 2,800 MW and consists of four turbine generator units, four conventional heavy fuel oil-fired boilers, four flue gas desulfurization plants, and three multi-stage flash desalination plants. Our team of engineers redesigned the entire fire, water and foam distribution. Extensive work has been carried out and a large number of cutting-edge systems were implemented, these include: – Water Pump Stations responsible for pumping fresh water in case of any threat of fire at the plant. – Seawater Pump Stations used in emergency in case of major fire risks in the fuel tanks area. – Foam Stations control fire or spills of flammable or combustible liquids and protect the plant from any oil leakage. Water based systems installed at the plant include sprinklers, water spray deluge systems, pre-action systems and fire hose reels and cabinets. FM-200 fire suppression systems have also been provided for main and reserve applications. In 2015, SAS Fire Department efficiently completed this mega project to the full satisfaction of the client (SEC) and contractor (DHI), and was awarded a certificate of excellence for their outstanding performance and high standard of management. A second certificate was given to our Fire Team for successfully achieving 20 million safe hours with zero accidents throughout the life of the project.

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